Alumnae Network

Within the Women in Leadership student organization, our members have indicated that they often struggle to find female role models in the workplace who they can get to know and emulate as they craft their career paths and grow as leaders in their field. We are excited to launch the Women’s Alumnae Network, a mentorship program we are piloting this semester.

We would like to invite you to participate in this pilot, lasting from February to May 2014. Should you choose to participate, we will match you with a current student based on mutual interests, career path, and other criteria in your current HSPH Alumni Profile. If the information is not correct, please take a moment to update your information on your profile [here].

If you are interested in a short-term mentorship relationship with a current student, please email We will do the rest and notify you of your match in the next several weeks.

What you can expect from WIL:

  • We will match you to a mentee who shares your interests by February 2014.
  • We will provide you and your mentee with two rounds of communications (one in February and one in April), including potential conversation materials on topics of leadership, mentorship, and career development.
  • It will be the mentee’s responsibility to reach out to you to find time for a conversation, which may occur by phone, email, or in person.
  • The opportunity to opt out of your match if it is not a good fit.

We are asking mentors to commit to:

  • At least two conversations with his or her mentee over the course of the pilot program, initiated by the student wherein students questions are answered and the mentor provides honest feedback and sound advice
  • Willingness to complete one program evaluation survey at the end of the pilot (May 2014)

We do not ask the mentors to commit to:

  • Communicate more frequently than twice during the semester, or beyond the duration of the pilot program
  • Give advice unrelated to career development, leadership, or mentorship
  • Provide job opportunities to his or her mentee

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